About Media Hack Day

The Challenge

Future of Advertising!

The world of advertising is changing quickly.
On the one hand new advertising channels are rising, new ad formats are being developed and new targetings allow more and more efficient advertising campaigns.

On the other hand more and more users are annoyed by today‘s kind of advertising. They do not react to marketing campaigns or hide them by installing adblockers.

Together with you we want to explore the future of advertising and help concepts to come to reality within 24 hours of extended hacking.

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The Mission

Join our Media Hackday

and explore new features and possibilities that will shapen the future of digital advertising.  The hackathon will bring together programmers, designers, mobility experts, product visionaries and creative folks.

Their mission is to develop new advertising technologies, targetings, trackings or personalization features. They might find answers to the AdBlock-problem or they could develop new ad formats and creatives.

The Media Hackday takes place at the Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator.

Prizes, an international jury and the praise from the community and media owners are waiting.

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